Why we Started the Brand

Growing up, our mother always made sure that we were well taken care of. Looking back now, it’s admirable how she was able to balance a full day of work, while taking care of us and running our household.

If the mood of our home could be defined by one person, it would be our mom. She always makes sure that our home is lively even when there aren't many people around and she fills it with her warmth and love, despite our daily struggles.

She always knew what we needed, without us even realizing we needed them. Until now, everything in our house showcases our mother’s affection: she plans our daily meals, she makes our beds to ensure a good night’s sleep, and she organizes our messes before we can fix them.

These are everyday things that we experience but often overlook. Now that we’re older, we recognize our mother’s hard work and appreciate it more than ever. 

We’ve come to realize that home is the foundation of everything. That’s why we need to love our home, as they’re reflective of everything that we believe in.

We should always be happy when we’re home.

Welcome to the world of Famco, where you’ll find essential home goods that bring a touch of a mother’s warmth and everyday happiness to your households.

Through our quality products and friendly price points, we hope that you enjoy and experience the same sense of belongingness in your home.