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Amazingly Cool and Soft Famco 100% Bamboo Duvet

this is the first bed linen made from 100% bamboo that i bought.. and i have no regrets, truly cooling, and soft. Nice to snug under the duvet blanket. I highly recommend. Will buy again!

Amazing quality!!

I wish I knew about this sooner. I live in an island and this is super perfect! Light, cold, and super super soft. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

8-Piece Measuring Spoon Set

My gosh I love these magnetic spoons. My measuring spoons usually get scattered around the drawer. The magnets keep that from happening so it's more neat and orderly. Even the leveller is magnetic!

Surprisingly heavy and the nonstick surface is incredibly smooth. Very easy to clean. Love the sleek handle too. Getting the smaller size as well.

I love these tongs. The triangular things prop them up so the tips don't touch the surface, less clean-up for me!

Very sleek, smooth, and shiny! Quite the solid little kitchen tool. Does as it says -- peels stuff like carrots etc.

Good value for money. The non-stick coating is really good. Been using for a week and still not a single scratch. I like that it comes with a lid so there’s an option to close it when I’m simmering my food. Hope they come out with glass lids too.

I love this. Ergonomic and smooth all over, pump mechanism is smooth. It has a wide mouth so it's easy to refill. Very neutral and minimalistic, matches almost all bathrooms.

This is much bigger than I expected. I think it can fit a small cochinillo. It weighs a ton but it's thick and heavy duty. It has rubber stands underneath din to keep it from moving around.

Good quality spoon rest and environmentally responsible seller - no plastic, just cardboard, paper, and a few pieces of styro. Excellent!

These are NOT flimsy. Very solid yung stainless measuing cups. Dream come true itong purchase kasi quality is very very good! I want my daughter to use QUALITY products when she bakes. This is a very very good buy!

Super happy with this kitchen tongs. It’s silicone (not nylon) so it can withstand higher temperatures. I love that it has a foot rest so when you’re using it, the tops won’t touch the counters. No need to use a spoon rest for it. Plus points for the awesome packaging! 💕

These were really nice and packed well in a sturdy box The strainers were NOT FLIMSY. Super sulit since this set comes in 3 different sizes.

I like the hold of this pan. Its heavy BUT very stable. Super happy with the 12inch size!b It fits my oven 60cm x 60cm. I jumped for joy nung naipasok and naclose ko the door oven! YAHOOI!! Unable to upload my video, sayang!

8-Piece Measuring Spoon Set

This is super nice kasi it’s held on together by a MAGNET! Ang galing!! Been dreaming of owning stainless steel measuring spoons. Very happy with this!!

8-Piece Measuring Spoon Set

I love this measuring spoon set because it’s magnetic and will stay neat in your drawer. It also has 1/2tbsp and 3/4tsp measure that you rarely find in other sets. May leveler pa! Galing how it is double-ended so you can use for different ingredients. All the products I ordered from Famco were packed so well! 👌🏼

I already received my order and decided to give a review about the product. After trying the pan, I can say it's non sticky and hassle-free since famco pan is very easy to use. Also, the handle is strong enough and very reliable. Really great for the price. Well- packed po talga yung item, fast delivery.👍Recommended!. Thanks. 👍👍👍

Ganda! Just as I wanted, smooth outside, rough inside and big enough so that things I mash in it won't go flying out of the mortar. Even the packaging is quite nice and safe, they used a unique folding paper instead of the usual bubble wrap. Mortar and pestle were boxed and put inside another box. Kudos, seller!

So satisfied 😊 💯 legit non stick pan. Surely durable as it looks sturdy, ** Price is justified to the quality. ** It was packed nicely and item shipped immediately

I received at the right time, and it's looks prefect and 💯% legit. As described, good quality, arrived quickly and i recommended this seller. Great seller, Awesome, thank you so much. Love it . More sales to come and God Bless. This is Great product. Great service. Excellent seller! keep it up.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great Value for Money

Quality is great. Picture was very accurate. The texture of the tumbler is matte, like in the photo. Feels durable, great for its price.

Didn't know i needed this

Been using cotton sheets for the longest time. Decided to give this a try. It has a smooth and silky feel and stays cool throughout the night. Much better than cotton.

game changer

first time to try non-stick pan! lets just say im buying their 12" pan too. love love love using it!

Great buy

Most knives of this quality sell for much more in department stores. The knives are great to use and the knife block is a great addition to my kitchen. So happy with my purchase! And my overall purchase experience with Famco!

Soft and Absorbent

Soft, thick and water absorbent.