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  • Olivewood Solid Spoon
  • Olivewood Solid Spoon
  • Olivewood Solid Spoon

Olivewood Solid Spoon

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Our olivewood solid spoon is a timeless kitchen utensil that you’ll keep finding uses for. Known as an all-purpose tool, use it for everything from serving liquid-based dishes like soups and sauces to mixing brownie batter. Its long handle gives you a secure grip whether you’re stirring from a tall pot of curry or preparing risotto, while the curved style of the spoon lets you sneak in tastes as you cook. 

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Olivewood Solid SpoonOlivewood Solid SpoonOlivewood Solid Spoon

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Product Details
  • Eco-friendly and odor-resistant olivewood
  • Long handle for your comfort
Width: 6 cm
Length: 33 cm
Height: 1.5 cm
About the Material

Loved by chefs everywhere for its impressive durability, olivewood is a popular material for kitchen utensils. It has high heat resistance, so you don’t have to worry about using it with scalding hot plates. It also doesn’t chemically react with dishes and is odor and stain-resistant, making it a preferred material to use for any type of cooking vessel.